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PU Lær Sammenlignet Med Ekte Lær


PU Lær Sammenlignet Med Ekte Lær

Leather Polyurethane
Material Animal hide treated with chemicals. Plastic
Durability Very durable (10-15 years if maintained well), used in rugged conditions, but will fade in sun and degrade with age. Very durable, but susceptible to cracking and UV damage.
Cost Premium price luxury item; much more expensive compared to fake leather. Cheaper
Washable Usually no Yes
Breathable Yes No
Animal friendly No Yes
Colors Less variety; most often shades of black and brown, sometimes white. Many
Biodegradable In 50 years. In 500 years
Care Higher maintenance, requires treatment to prevent aging. Easy to clean/wipe


Leather is a durable fabric that is often used to make shoes and bags, as well as other types of clothing. It is also often used as upholstery for furniture and in car interiors. However, it is heavy and can be very expensive.

Polyurethane is faux leather. It is a waterproof alternative, can be dry-cleaned and is lighter than real leather. It is also used to create spandex, including lycra, to waterproof fabrics, and to add buoyancy to competitive swimsuits.



Leather jackets are very durable and provide excellent protection from heat, cold and rain. However, they are bulky and require a lot of care to prevent the build-up of mildew or odors. Leather jackets cost between $250 and $450.

Polyurethane, or faux leather jackets are not as durable, but provide better protection from the rain. They require less care and can be washed. They are also lighter. However, their thinness means they offer less protection (e.g. for motorcyclists) and wear away faster than real leather. They are significantly cheaper and cost between $100 and $175.


Environmental Issues

Leather has been criticized due to the use of chemicals in its tanning process and air pollution caused during dehairing and deliming. However, it is more biodegradable than polyurethane.

Polyurethane is chemical inert, and no exposure limits have been established by OSHA. However, it is combustible, and burning can produce harmful carbon monoxide. It is also not biodegradable.





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