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    Tusen takk til alle våre kunder som forsøkte bidra til å gjøre verden til et litt bedre sted ved å velge mer etiske, fairtrade, milljø- og dyrevennlige produkter 🥰💜

    Vi ønsker alle et godt (og forhåpentligvis mer sosialt) år i 2021.

SYMBOLOGY CLOTHING – Etisk Fairtrade Mote Gjort Sexy

SYMBOLOGY CLOTHING – Etisk Fairtrade Mote Gjort Sexy



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Symbology is out to make fair trade sexy. We merge artisanal fabric techniques with fashion forward designs that give our customers a one-Symbology Clothing - Fairtrade Mote made Sexy-Etisk Mote-Håndlaget-Håndprintetof-a-kind item that connects women in a global community.
Our U.S.-based team custom designs fabrics and garment styles to create a truly unique piece–one that celebrates cultural artforms that tell a story of empowerment for both its maker and wearer. We choose silhouettes that flatter all body shapes and offer inclusive sizing, bringing confidence (and often lots of compliments) to our customers.
Each collection showcases a series of motifs and symbols that are imbued with meaning, reflecting the deep heritage behind the piece. Many cultures in disparate parts of the world, throughout different eras, have used strikingly similar motifs in their artforms–a reflection of our shared humanity, which founder Marissa Heyl used as inspiration to name the company Symbology.








SYMBOLOGY CLOTHING - Etisk Fairtrade Mote Gjort Sexy


Symbology uses fashion as a platform to empower women, preserve handmade crafts and provide sustained employment and fair wages to marginalized artisans. Each piece is handcrafted by women artisans in developing countries using traditional fabric techniques like block printing, tie dye and embroidery.
We believe that the well-being of our artisans is central to who we are as a company, which is why we pay each of our artisans a livable wage, allowing them to provide for their families. Through sustained work opportunities and involvement in the design process, our artisan partners can affect change not just in their own lives, but our world.









SYMBOLOGY CLOTHING - Etisk Fairtrade Mote Gjort Sexy




Symbology founder Marissa Heyl was inspired to start Symbology while on a research trip to India to understand how fair trade empowers craftswomen. Watching Gita, a young mother of three, block print beautiful designs onto a tablecloth, Marissa envisioned it as a dress.

As a result, Symbology was born with the goal to redefine the fashion industry so that ethical fashion would no longer be the exception, but the norm. Symbology celebrates textile arts worldwide by fusing them with modern designs to create inspired, unique pieces–each that tells a story of empowerment.





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